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27" Nano-IPS panel with 1ms response time
3840x2160 4K Ultra-HD
HDR600 with up to 750 nits brightness
48-144Hz with Adaptive-Sync
2x HDMI 2.1, 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x USB-C with 100W charging
Panel coating
Same panel, different coating. Which one is right for you?
Following community requests, we offer Spectrum with matte (the original) as well as glossy finish. While you still get the same IPS panel, you can choose a different coating based on your needs. The glossy coating enhances the perceived color vibrance, meaning richer colors and deeper blacks. It also makes for a crisper image and sharper text. The matte coating with its anti-reflective properties is ideal when you have little control over your light environment and minimizes distractions from the screen.
46% of our community members wanted to use their own VESA arm with the monitor. Pay only for what you need and get the most value out of your Spectrum.
When is Spectrum 4K 144Hz shipping?
Spectrum 4K 144Hz has started shipping to the first customers as of June 2021. Please note that the website reflects the estimates for new orders placed today. If you have placed an order earlier, it is best to reach out to our customer support team who can confirm the most accurate shipping timeline for you. We do send regular customer updates on the status of their order via direct mail communication.
How much does the shipping cost?
This depends on the place you live and whether there are taxes or duties applied. Currently of this writing, the price estimate for standard shipping to the United States is $35 (USD). To Europe, including taxes and fees, the estimate is around 39 EUR. The standard shipping to the UK is estimated to be 45 EUR.
Can I add accessories to my order?
When you place your order, you will be forwarded to a dedicated customer shopping flow. Within that flow, you will be able to customize your Spectrum order with premium community-requested accessories (cables, 3M vinyl skins etc.)
How do I purchase two different variants of Spectrum?
During your order you will be able to create a customer account. You will be able to add different purchases to the same customer account. Buying multiple units of the same variant can be made on the order page. However, if you wish to order two units with different specifications, you will have to do the shopping flow twice. You will find all your orders within your customer account.
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