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  • ZDNet

    “The community-designed Eve V finds its own 2-in-1 spec superior to Microsoft\'s in almost every department”

    — Liam Tung

  • CNET

    “Its hybrid, in addition to being cheaper, will slash bloatware found in other devices, making it operate faster.”

    — Aloysius Low

  • Business Insider

    “The payoff has been this tremendous rush of interest in the Eve V, as a device built by power users, for power users.”

    — Matt Weinberger

  • LaptopMag

    “A Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 128 GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 CPU runs for $899, so this more powerful device may be a good deal.”

    — Andrew E. Freedman

  • Digital Trends

    “That is just about a dream team of components and would likely meet most items on a Surface Pro 4 owner’s wishlist for a Surface Pro 5. ”

    — Mark Coppock

  • Huffington Post

    “The community has direct access to Eve-Tech’s product team, which includes people who worked on the Apple iPhone 6, Fitbit and Nokia devices.”

    — Hammy Havoc

  • The Guardian

    “Eve is a Finnish company with ties to engineers who have worked on Nokia devices, the iPhone 6, and FitBit, so the level of quality is going to be superb.”

    — Olivia Solon

  • designboom

    “The device is typically representative of the simplistic; elegant; nordic design.”

    — Martin Hislop

  • TechRadar

    “It appears that what it really takes to make a Windows 10 device is a strong sense of what the end-buyer wants”

    — Gabe Carey

  • VentureBeat

    “But above all, what really makes Eve stand out is that it determines hardware specifications based on input from the crowd. It’s refreshingly different from the secretive hardware labs of Apple and Microsoft.”

    — Jordan Novet

  • Windows Central

    “Eve V 2-in-1 tablet has been a pretty big success, and has even set an impressive record.”

    — Dan Thorpe-Lancaster

  • Arctic Startup

    “Eve Tech was actually born to fight high device prices. The key for that is fully online sales, which cuts half of the price.”

    — Tarmo Virki

  • Neowin

    “If you are looking to purchase the device, now's probably the best time to do so.”

    — Usama Jawad

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