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IPS Oxide, 1ms
2560x1440 Resolution
240Hz Refresh Rate
750 nits Brightness
Estimated Shipping: end of Q3, 2021 July 9th, 2021 June 29th, 2021

Spectrum QHD 144Hz

- +
459 €

Spectrum QHD 240Hz

- +
609 €

Spectrum 4K 144Hz

- +
709 €

Spectrum stand added

- +
99 €

Pay for what you only need. 46% of our community members wanted to have an option to buy monitor without a stand and use a VESA arm instead. This way we can make sure everyone gets the best value of Spectrum

DUE TODAY: 100.00€

Fully refundable. Ordering your Spectrum today will secure your price as it increases in the future. You will be able to complete your order with accessories and balance payment of ( 608.00€ ) as production nears end of Q3, 2021July 9th, 2021June 29th, 2021.

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Estimated Shipping: end of Q3, 2021 July 9th, 2021 June 29th, 2021
  • Why should I place an order today?
  • The price you currently see is the lowest price out there. The price of Spectrum will be going up as it nears shipment as the production capacity is limited so is the quantity. Additionally, once Spectrum ships will be available from major retailers worldwide with a higher price to correspond with wider channel and fast after service support. Early supporters and community members will be rewarded with the best possible pricing!
  • When is Spectrum shipping?
  • It depends on the model of your order. The estimated shipping date for Spectrum 4K 144HZ is June 29th, 2021;
    Spectrum QHD 240 HZ is the July 9th, 2021;
    Spectrum QHD 144 HZ is end of Q3, 2021.
  • How much will the shipping be?
  • This depends on the place you live and if there are taxes or duties applied. Currently of this writing the price estimate for standard shipping to the United States is $35 (USD). To Europe including taxes and fees the estimate is around 39 EUR. The standard shipping to the UK is estimated to be 45 EUR. Shipping will be done regionally to most countries. For example if you ordered from EU your package will come from regional warehouse in Germany or UK and therefore duties and taxes will be already included in the product price. Same goes for the US and other major regions.
  • When is the remainder of the order is paid?
  • The remainder is available to pay up to 8 weeks in advance of the shipping of your product. The last date of payment is 3 weeks before shipping. You will find details of this on your order page when the estimated shipping is near. We will also be contacting you via email.
  • How can I add custom skins to my order?
  • Later on you will have the option to customize your order with different options, such as different skins for your monitor.
  • How do I purchase two different specs of Spectrum?
  • During your order you will be able to create a customer account. You will be able to add a different purchase onto the same customer account. Buying multiple same monitors can be made on the website, but if you wish to order two of different spec you will have to do the shopping flow twice. You will find all your orders in the order page of your customer account.